Best Bet You Can Do in Online Baccarat Betting

Baccarat betting is one of the simplest betting games among online casinos like The most trusted live casino website in Malaysia. Bettors just need to bet on one of bankers, players, or ties because of that, maybe you want to know the Best Bet You Can Do in Online Baccarat Betting. There is no need for some kinds of difficult calculation, just pure luck needed. This game is also exciting because of the continuous chances to win this game.

Best Bet You Can Do in Online Baccarat Betting

  • Always Bet on Banker

This is the best bet to start the betting game. Banker has 50% possibilities to win. To bet on banker never disadvantages the bettors. Just start with betting on the banker.

Banker always has special position and advantage for bettors. Banker’s house edge or house advantage is usually lower than player’s. Although there is just a little difference between them, only around 0.22, do not underestimate that difference. If the difference is even only 0.01, it will hugely affect the bettors. Be wise and bet on banker.

It is true that betting on banker will cost bettors 5% from the bet. But still, it is beneficial to bet on banker. Casino will not give such rule if there is no hidden intention, right?

  • Consider to Bet on Player

Betting on Player’s hand is the one that bettors should consider. The casino does not cost anything if bettors bet on player. Although the house edge is a little higher than banker, it still makes sense.

The way to change the bet is important. Remind yourself that the best bet is on banker, but casino will not give you that straight winning on banker, since casino is built to take some advantages from bettors.

What you should do is to bet on banker until it loses and the player wins. Then wait for one turn. If the next result is on player, you can bet on player until it loses and banker wins. You do not need to wait one turn, just directly bet on banker again. This way will give you winnings in a row. Sometimes you also lose, but the winning money will be enough to cover your loss.

  • Avoid the “Tie” Bet is the Best Way

Another best way to win in online baccarat betting is to avoid the “tie” bet. Do not ever bet on “tie”. Even, do not think to place a bet on it. “Tie” bet will give your bankroll a suffering. Why? Because the house edge or advantage of this bet is much higher than bankers or player’s. It can be in the number of more than 12%.

Another reason to avoid “tie” bet is because of the chance that banker and player have the same result will be nearly impossible. The risk is too high, so it is better to avoid it before you lose your money that fast.

Those are the best bet you can do in online baccarat betting. Just keep on betting on banker, then player, but avoid the “tie” bet. It will make you get the winning money that you are waiting for. Happy betting and do not forget to have some fun!

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