Facts about Soccer Handicap Betting

Handicap is one of the most important kinds of bets in the world especially when you are playing in QQ188asia.com Best Online Sports Bookie Website & Asia Top Free Bets Bookmaker. However, plenty of punters still have no idea about it. Some of them may have tried the betting without having decent guidance on how to work it right. If you are interested in this kind of betting, you better read some important facts about soccer handicap betting below.

Facts about Soccer Handicap Betting

#1 Different kind of handicaps carries different rules

There are two kinds of handicaps: Asian and European handicaps. They are two different handicap types that have different rules of the games. The first difference comes from the symbols used between in Asian Handicap (AH) and in European Handicap (EH).

The next distinction that clearly differentiates them is the number of game variants. Besides, the distinction also comes from the number of outcomes. EH has three possible outcomes, while AH has only two. The last difference comes from how those two handicaps present their irrational numbers for creating handicap line. The numbers for EH are 0:1 and 0:2, while AH’s numbers are ½ and ¾.

Knowing the difference between AH and EH will hinder you from setting a good strategy in a wrong place. Don’t place a bet for FA Premier League by referring to AH system.

#2 Different levels of handicaps applies different conditions

There are at least two levels of handicaps: single handicap and split handicap. Make sure you don’t mix them up.

  • Single handicap

In this kind of handicap, one team of soccer perceives superiority from the other team. Thus, the Odds makers are in charge of assigning the benefiting bias.

To make it clearer, let’s make an example of Team A playing against Team B. Team A is the favored team, while Team B is the underdog. Carrying the status of being favored makes team A uses minus (-) in its value. So, Team A can be handicapped as a -1 goal, -1,5 goal, or -2 goal favorite. If a punter betting in Team wants to win, in the -2 goals handicap for example, then Team A has to make at least 2 goals during the game. If Team A ends the game with only 2 goals, the handicap will result in a draw and the bet will be refunded. On the other hand, if Team A is only able to create 1 goal or Team B wins with any number of goals, the punters betting on Team will be the winners and be paid at +2 goals handicap.

  • Split handicap

In this kind of handicap, punters are able to split their stakes over the two handicaps. Still using the same team, team A may be at the handicap of 0 and -0.5. In this case, if a punter bets on Team A and the team loses, you will lose as no handicaps can be covered. On the other side, if the opponents carrying 0 and +5 handicap wins, both handicaps are covered for Team B’s bettors and they will get paid. Meanwhile, if the game results in a tie, the stake of (0) will be refunded and the (-0.5) will be lost.

The top facts about soccer handicap betting are actually from knowing its kinds and its levels. The difference in each type and each level are worth learning as they will influence how you will play your bet. So, which type and level of handicap are you going to use?

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