Get Super Color Sicbo Free Bets When You Join QQ188

GP Casino is abbreviation from the Game Play Casino. Some variation of the betting casino games can be found with Get Super Color Sicbo Free Bets When You Join QQ188. Here, you will find that there are so many interesting betting games. It will be very interesting if you can be a member of this site.

You must know that the casino games have many options. One of them is the super color sic bo. You should become a member at Best Malaysia Live Casino & Online Gambling Site to be able to play the betting game. This site is the best site you can choose. You will get some great facilities on this site.

The sic bo betting game is a game with an interesting rule. You can play the game at this site comfortably because the facility gotten is very amazing. You will play by using a cube with 12 faces. The game can’t be predicted. You will be able to find some numbers from number 1 until number 12. Then, there are some colors you will find in this game.

Get Super Color Sicbo Free Bets When You Join QQ188
Get Super Color Sicbo Free Bets When You Join QQ188

Get Super Color Sicbo Free Bets When You Join QQ188

The cube at the super sic bo online betting game

At the sic bo super color game, you will know that the cube you can get has 12 sides. There are three colors here at this online casino. Those are red, blue and green. This online betting game can be played based on the number and color. In every super sic bo game, you will use three cubes to shake with the specification like have mentioned before.

The way on playing the super sic bo game

To play the super sic bo game, you don’t need to be worried because it is very easy in Live Casino Gambling Games And Best Free Bets Website. You just need to make a bet at some betting boxes available on the betting table. Then, the dealer will shake three cubes with 12 sides instantly. You will know the result of the game.

The kind of the super sic bo online betting game from Game Play Casino

Like you know before, playing the super color sic bo from Game Play Casino will find some variation of the betting types. The followings are the explanation you will find in this game. Those are:

The single color

One of the betting types in the super sic bo game is you need to guess one color at the cube that will appear. This betting type has the great winning potency so the payment you will get if choosing this betting type is small.

The big small and odd even betting type

Besides guessing the color at the cube appears, you also can guess the character of the number total appear after shaking. The characteristics of the numbers are such as big small and even odd. The high score of this game is number 20 until 36. Then, the small betting type has the numbers from 3 until 19. Then, for the odd character, even, big and small betting types, you will get the bonus feature by one time your betting total.

The double colors

Among three cubes, there is the possible about two cubes appear with the same color. Then, if you do the betting type rightly, you will be able to get the bonus feature in 3 times the betting total you have.

The random color

Besides guessing two colors, you also can guess the random color. This betting random color type means at one rounding appears, there will be some kind of the colors. Those are such as red, blue and green.

The same three colors

This is the betting for guessing the same three colors in a shaking. The reward that will be given is 7 times your betting total. With that in mind join Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia now and get a lot of freebies and rewards just by signing up.

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