Hit the Jackpot with Black Gold Classic Slot Machine

In the bygone era, the cowboys are each trying to fight over the oil fields as well as to earn money and become rich. And so, the cowboys in Texas even named oil as Black Gold. These cowboys will compete with each other look for Black Gold fields and keep a tight field which they had. You do not need to be a cowboy to live in that era. You can also become rich by playing the hit the jackpot with black gold classic slot machine.

Black Gold tells the story of Texas cowboy who discovered oil in the land of his possessions and became rich because of oil. The game features 5-reels and 30-paylines and offers some attractive bonuses such as free spins and bonus rounds. Like the other slot games of Onlineslotqq288.com Slot E-Games Machine On Pc, Mobile IOS, Android you can earn bonuses if certain combinations of symbols appear consecutively in any active payline.

Hit the Jackpot with Black Gold Classic Slot Machine

Black Gold is a slot game introduced Betsoft which is known for the quality of graphics produced. Using the concept of the oil field, this game has a lot of symbols, icons, and backgrounds that are fully related to the oil world. Black Gold slot machine is also supported with some unique animations with sound accompaniment that is entertaining. In essence, the game Black Gold offers a pleasant atmosphere for those who want to feel like what it’s become a cowboy who has oilfields.

Players can use different coin denominations. They can also set how many line to be selected and how many bets to be played per line. You must obtain identical symbols on each payline reel with the appropriate sequence. Symbols in the game include horses, oil baron, and some petroleum supplies.

Hit the Jackpot with Black Gold Classic Slot Machine
Hit the Jackpot with Black Gold Classic Slot Machine

Jackpots and Bonus Games

Game Black Gold is a kind of classic Onlineslotqq101.com Slot Machine Games, Free Slot Betting Website slot machine. You will not find some kind of special symbols that are normally used in the other slot games such as scatter symbols and wild symbols. Even so, you can still enjoy the type of game bonuses that will appear when some special symbols popping up on the reel.

If you get three symbols “barn” on any reel, you will enter the Free Spins Nighttime mode. You will get a number of free spins where each spin will provide an interesting bonus. When the game is entering Nighttime Free Spins mode, then the barn will be a wild symbol and any bonuses from the symbol will be multiplied by a certain amount. The more symbols you get the barn, the higher the multiplier will be accepted by the bonus. The highest number of multipliers derived from Nighttime mode Free Spins can reach 10x.

Black Gold Classic Slot Machine

In addition, the game Black Gold at Onlineslotqq188.com Casino E-Games, Slot Mobile Betting, Big Wins Free Spins also has another bonus game mode named Drilling for Oil. This mode will be activated when players get three or more symbols drill. In this mode, players will be asked to choose one of all the oil contained symbols on the screen. Players will earn rewards that are stored behind the symbol of oil that is their choice.

Players can also earn a special bonus every time they get a certain number of symbols on the payline. Every time they win a bonus combination of symbols, the player will have an opportunity to win the next prize. In addition, the bonus will be multiplied by the number of payout multiplier which continues to increase every time you get re-spin. The maximum value of the bonus payout multiplier can be up to 5 times. Increased payout multiplier will stop if you do not make a profit from any combination of symbols on the reel round results.

Black Gold does not have a progressive jackpot, but this game provides a variety of additional bonuses that you will get when you manage to get the jackpot. Pursue oil baron symbol as much as possible to get the highest bonus. You can obtain the victory up to 400 times the value of the bet per line if a payline is fully occupied by the oil baron symbol.

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