How Accurate is Blackjack Card Counting?

There are various movies depicting gamblers winning a huge sum of cash by counting cards while playing Blackjacks. However, this act is almost impossible in land-based casinos. How accurate is blackjack card counting? Is it possible in online casinos? If so, how accurate it was?

How Accurate is Blackjack Card Counting?

Why is Card Counting Impossible in Land-based Casinos?

First of all, card counting only gives gamblers very small edge over the casino. This method would not give you 20% edge. Even if you are a skilled card counter, you can only get 0.5-1% edge over the casino.

Next, in order to become a good card counter, you need a lot of practice. You cannot master the skill in one night. You have to memorize the technique and count the card in your head without leaking any sign to other players, the dealer, and the staff.

Moreover, there are various techniques of card counting, such as Hi-Lo, Red Seven, KISS, Knock Out Blackjack, Omega II, and Wong Halves. You need to learn from the simplest ones and then move to the more complicated, yet accurate techniques. That being said, in order to master the technique, you also need to consider your bankroll because of the small edge.

Let us also remember the security of the casino. Although the technique is legal, most casinos consider it against the rule. You can get kicked out of the casino immediately. In addition, they know what sign they need to look for from a card counter so it is still difficult to trick them even if you work in a team.

Card Counting in Online Casinos

Some gamblers might think that in online casinos, they can’t be kicked out of the game. Thus, it is safe for them to count cards. If you are one of those gamblers, then you need to keep on reading. Although you can’t be disqualified in online blackjacks, the online casinos have made it almost impossible for players to count card.

In land-based casinos, you can see the number of decks used by the dealer. This information is useful before you spread your bets. You can also know how deep the penetration is, or how many cards will be dealt before the dealer reshuffle the decks. It is impossible to know such information in online casinos.

If you are an experienced card counter, you might make some profits in the long run, but you must also consider some other factors. The first is that the speed of the game is very slow. The second is that you are only allowed to place your bet on your own hand or spot, making it almost impossible for players to gain maximum profits.

How about Live Blackjacks?

If you still want to try counting card in Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia, you can try to play live blackjacks. While you can see the real dealer, lessening your concerns about being cheated by a computer, the online casino has set the rules so that you cannot count the cards used. Although the penetrations are deeper than of those regular online blackjacks, most only casinos set the live blackjacks’ penetration at 50%!

Do you still wonder about how accurate is blackjack card counting? If you still imagine that you will take some advantages by counting card like in the movies, stop. It is true that you can get some profits in the long run, but it is almost impossible to be rich by relying on card counting.

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