Player Picks For First Goal/ Last Goal Odds for Qatar Star League

The most popular and professional soccer Qatar’s league is Qatar star league. The player picks for first goal/ last goal odds for Qatar star league does not need any introduction because everyone in Qatar knows the prolonged services of Qatar star league. The Qatar star league came into existence in 1963 and had been providing the international level football services in the country over many passing years.

The league is ranked as the highest league in Qatar featuring 14 clubs currently at The Biggest Online Sports Betting Site In Malaysia. The league conducts for domestic cups which can be participated by teams of all country. Additionally, a football academy has also been formulated to teach the football according to international standards. Many popular footballers are noticed to be passed out from the league’s football academy.

Player Picks For First Goal/ Last Goal Odds for Qatar Star League

Qatar star league is starting from today and the excitement in whole Qatar is amazing. People are so keenly interested in the event that they want to know all of the details like which teams has been picked up which players for last and first goal are being picked up.

The online bookmaker Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets have written an article based on the professional soccer 1×2 picks for Qatar star league and now there is a small attempt from our side to tell our readers about the player picks for first goal/last goal odds for.

Player Picks For First Goal/ Last Goal Odds for Qatar Star League
Player Picks For First Goal/ Last Goal Odds for Qatar Star League

Rodrigo Tabata

Tabata is a 35 year old player who scored most goals last year and these were 21. He is a full package being captain, legend and aslo a leader. Tabata also led Al Rayyan from the front in 2015 Q league. His fans are super excited to say what Tabata has this time to delight the Qatari and international audience with.


El-jaish was in great trouble when their top striker Hamdallah injured him recently in 2016 and all the scoring responsibilities suddenly came over Romarinho. But the good thing is the guy is not a mainstream player rather extra talented. He is paired with Uzbek national star Sardor Rashidov will defend their team with super power and provide the thrilling matches to the audience.


The last season of Xavi with Al Sadd was not very pleasant for both of their followers. But it was seen clearly in the last tournament too that the player was striving hard to make the team successful but the teams had other a lot of problem too to be sorted out. It is anticipated that Xavi will rock the tournament with the Baghdad national Bounedjah striker and the pair will amaze us all in the true sense.

Nam Tae Hee

Nam Tae Hee is the longest and undisputed foreigner serving player of QSL so far. This player has actually let the team ascend so quickly in past few years. He is named as “Korean Messi” by his fans of Malaysia Online Sports Betting Site, Live in Play Bets and this young 25 years old player has a lot more goals to defend impressively for his team.

Yannik Sagbo

He has origin from the Hull city and is currently playing from the Umm Salal and is witnessed to strike 14 times goal from his team. The crisis team is facing in their progressive at the current time they need this player very much and can be in even more difficult situation without him.

Meshaal Abdullah

Meshaal is the most effective and impressive member of his team and can easily be seen striving among others while playing. He scored 17 goals last year and topped the club. The 32-year old Meshaal led the team with the true spirit a team need to progress. The star is a legendary and we are all excited to see his techniques this year too.

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