A Simple Explanation of Asian Handicap Odds

Asian Handicap is one of the top choices in sports betting like in QQ188asia.com The leading sportsbook online website and Asia top best bookies. However, its variety of options and odds may make beginners feel baffled. Do you want a better luck with Asian Handicap? Here’s a simple explanation of Asian Handicap odds you can check out.

A Simple Explanation of Asian Handicap Odds

To get the calculated money, multiply the odds with your wager. However, there are some conditions according to the handicap code (from 0 to 2, with extra options such as 0.5, 0.75, and the like). Here are several points to note about the handicap code:

  • There are two types of team; the favorite (like to win) and underdog (unlikely to win)
  • Favorite team have (-) symbol in front of their handicap code and the underdog team have (+) symbol
  • The handicap represents the type of the team’s match result
  • The status is presented by these words:
  • Win: means that the team you’ve chosen won
  • Draw: means that the match is ended with draw
  • Lose: means that the team you’ve chosen lost
  • Win or Lose by (certain number): means that the team win or lose by the goal margin according to the number. Sometimes, there are those with (+) symbol behind. It just means that the goal is higher than the number presented.
  • The bet also has status, such as:
  • Win: means that you win with pure odds
  • Lose: means that you lose all your wager
  • Half Win or Lose: means that you win or lose with half the odds
  • Stake Refund or Push: means that your wager is refunded to you
  • The handicap code can be seen on betting sites, as they have different rules from the others (for example, when betting +1,25, there are four statuses (Win, Draw, Lose by 1, and Lose by 2+)
  • The odds have names as well. Favorite team uses Home Odds, while Underdog uses Away Odds.
  • As had been explained early, to calculate your profit, you need to multiple the odds and your wager. For example:

There’s Home Odds – 1,80 and Away Odds – 1, and a bettor’s wager with 100 dollars.

If the bettor bid on -0,75, that means there are three outcomes:

  1. Win by 2+ means the bettor fully wins. That means the money received would be
    100 x 1,80 = 180 dollars
  2. Win by 1 means the bettor win with half the odds. That means the money received would be 100 x 0,90 = 90 dollars
  3. Either Draw or Lose, the bettor wouldn’t receive profit

The method of counting isn’t any different when betting for the underdog team. However, the underdog team mostly has bigger odds and less competition – since most sport bettors are all fans and they do betting for fun instead of looking for money.

There you have it – a simple explanation of Asian Handicap odds. When we try to learn, things slowly melt and it becomes easier to understand. Next time, use this explanation to evaluate the odds for Asian Handicap. Don’t forget that the handicap and the team you’re betting on also play a big role to your profits. Happy betting!

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